First edition staff and contributors

1. Contributors

A. This list contains the names of the principal readers before 1884; many of these began reading as early as 1858. The material which they contributed formed a great part of the main foundation on which the Dictionary was based. Under some of the names the number of quotations sent in is given, as an indication of the time and labour expended by many of these readers.

J. Amphlett, MA, W. J. Anderson (of Fife), G. L. Apperson (of Wimbledon, SW; 11,000), Col. R. D. Ardagh, Thomas Austin (165,000), Miss E. E. Barry (of London), Revd E. M. Barry, Mrs Bathoe (of London), A. Beazeley, CE (of Thornton Heath), Revd. W. H. Beckett, Revd. W. C. Boulter, Revd. G. B. R. Bousfield, BA, The Misses B. M. and L. Bousfield, Revd. S. J. Bowles, William Boyd (of USA), E. L. Brandreth, Prof. and Mrs Brandt (of USA), James Britten, FLS, The Misses E. and J. E. A. Brown (of Cirencester), Mrs Walter Browne (of Worcester), Dr T. N. Brushfield (50,000), R. K. Buehrle (of USA), Miss E. F. Burton (of Carlisle; 11,400), A. Caland (of Holland), Mrs G. M. E. Campbell (of Peckham), Dr R. S. Charnock, The Ven. Archdeacon Cheetham, (Dean) R. W. Church, Herbert Coleridge, Prof. A. S. Cook (of USA), J. M. Cowper (of Canterbury), Revd T. Lewis O. Davies, MA, Revd Cecil Deedes, MA, H. Dixon (of London), C. E. Doble, MA, William Douglas (of London; 136,000), Edward Dowden, Revd. J. Eastwood, Miss Eisdell (of Colchester), Mr and Mrs F. T. Elworthy, The Misses Elworthy, A. Erlebach, BA, H. A. Erlebach, BA, Revd. J. T. Fowler, DCL, W. Warde Fowler, MA, Miss A. Foxall (of Birmingham; 11,250), Dr F. J. Furnivall (30,000), W. Gee, jun. (of Boston, USA), H. Hucks Gibbs, MA (Lord Aldenham), The Hon. and Revd Kenneth F. Gibbs, Hon. Vicary Gibbs, W. F. Grahame (of Madras), C. Gray (of Wimbledon, SW; 29,000), Mrs C. Gray, Mrs T. H Green, Revd W. Gregor, MA, Revd. A. B. Grosart, Miss M. Haig (Mrs A. Stuart, of Edinburgh), Fitzedward Hall, DCL, W. C. Hazlitt, Dr H. R. Helwich (of Vienna; 50,000), T. Henderson, MA (48,000), S. J. Herrtage, James Hooper (of Norwich), J. D. Howell (of London), E. C. Hulme (of London), E. Wyndham Hulme (late of HM Patent Office), Miss Jennett Humphreys (of Cricklewood; 18,700), C. Mansfield Ingleby, Revd Aiken Irvine (of Ireland), Miss Eva Jackson (of Bishop’s Waltham), E. S. Jackson, MA (of Plymouth), P. W. Jacob (of Guildford), W. W. Jenkinson (of London), Revd. J. B. Johnston, BD, Revd. W. M. Kingsmill, MA, Revd. E. H. Knowles, Revd. W. Lees, MA (18,500), Miss Lees (of Reigate), Dr J. Wickham Legg, Dr R. J. Lloyd, Prof. A Lodeman (of USA), W. S. Logeman (of Cheshire), Revd. W. J. Löwenberg, MA, A. Lyall (of Manchester), Falconer Madan, MA, S. D. Major (of Bath; 16,000), Revd. A. L. Mayhew, MA, Dr W. C. Minor, Mrs Moore (of Addlestone), W. Moore (of London), Dr Richard Morris, Horace Moule, Revd C. B. Mount, MA, Mrs J. A. H. Murray (Lady Murray), H. J. R. Murray (27,000), E. T. R. Murray, J. M. Norman (of Crawley, Sussex), Cornelius Paine (of Brighton), E. Peacock (of Brigg), H. S. Pearson (of Birmingham), Revd C. W. Penny, J. Peto (of London), (Sir) W. M. Flinders Petrie, Prof. G. M. Philips (of USA), H. Phillips, Jun., Ph.D. (of USA), B. W. Pierson (of USA), Revd J. Pierson, DD (of USA; 46,000), (Sir) Frederick Pollock, LL D, Mr and Mrs G. H. Pope (formerly of Clifton), Revd C. Y. Potts, Dr R. C. A. Prior (11,700), Sir John Richardson, KCB, W. M. Rossetti, Mr and Mrs H. F. P. Ruthven, The Misses E. and G. E. Saunders (of Addlestone), G. A. Schrumpf, BA (of London), Adrian Scott (of USA), Miss F. E. Scott (of Leamington), G. R. Scott, MA, (Sir) Owen Seaman, A. Shackleton (of Birkenhead), Revd T. H. Sheppard, Prof. W. W. Skeat, LL D, Revd J. Smallpeice, Dr G. C. Moore Smith, Miss L. Toulmin Smith, T. C. Snow, MA, A. B. Sprange (of London), W. Barclay Squire (of London), (Sir) Leslie Stephen, Revd Dr C. W. Stocker, C. Stoffel (of Amsterdam), (Dr) E. H. Sugden, Revd W. D. Sweeting, Dr W. Sykes, Revd B. Talbot (of USA; 16,600), George Tansley (of London), The Misses Edith and E. Perronet Thompson (15,000), Alderman Joseph Thompson (of Manchester), Hon. Mrs L. Tollemache, Mrs Toogood (of Kirkby, Yorkshire), Revd J. T. Toye (of Exeter), Paget Toynbee, D.Litt, Richard Chenevix Trench, Revd Kirkby Trimmer, MA, Mrs L. J. Walkey (of Leamington), Miss P. Walter (of Somerset), J. L. Ward, MA (of Burnley), T. Ward (of Northwich), Dr W. W. Webb, Miss M. Westmacott (of London), Dr R. F. Weymouth, The Misses B. M. and R. Weymouth, Revd G. Wheelwright, Revd F. Gilbert White, G. H. White (of Torquay; 13,000), R. Grant White (of USA), R. J. Whitwell, B.Litt (33,000), Miss J. E. Wilkinson and Miss Gunning (of Cambridge), R.D. Wilson (of London), T. Wilson, MA (of St. Albans), Revd W.B.R. Wilson, MA (of Dollar), Miss Charlotte M. Yonge

B. A large number of those included in the above list continued to supply quotations for many years while the Dictionary was in progress. The readers given below began their work after 1884.

F. J. Amours (of Glasgow), Revd J. Bell, DD (of Auchtermuchty, NB), F. H. Butler (of London), W. J. Bryan (of Oxford), P. M. Campbell, C. H. Chadwick (of London), Miss Ellen Channon, Prof. Albert H. Chester (of USA), Revd Andrew Clark, MA, Miss Susan Cunnington, Miss Ada Dewick, B. W. Dexter, James M. Dixon (of Japan), Edward S. Dodgson, MA, John Dormer (of London), R. Duncan (of Crowthorne, Berks.), Revd Henry Ellershaw (of Durham), Miss Ellis (of Oxford), J. H. Everett, Miss E. Fowler (of Doncaster), Wendell P. Garrison (of USA), I. R. Gillespie (of Newcastle-on-Tyne), Miss Geraldine H. Gosselin (of London), Miss Hellier R. H. Gosselin (of London), Col. C. Gray (of London), H. F. Hall (of Oxford), J. D. Hamilton, R. Oliver Heslop (of Northumberland), Revd J. W. Hooper, MA, Alfred H. Huth (of Oxford), Miss Ingall (of Manchester), Albert Jacka, Miss Constance Jacob, George Joicey (of Gateshead-on-Tyne), (Sir) J. K. Laughton, R. E. Leader, Halkett Lord (of USA), L. Marcan, Albert Matthews (of USA), H. A. W. Millar (of Oxford), W. Payne (of Hayward’s Heath), Miss C. Pemberton (of Austria), James Platt, jun., Revd C. Plummer, Miss H. M. Poynter (of Oxford), Richard B. Prosser (of London), Mrs Rackham (of Cambridge), John Randall (of London), Dr W. H. D. Rouse, Abrm. Shackleton (of Birkenhead), H. F. M. Simpson (of Edinburgh), J. Challenor Smith (of London), Miss L. M. Snow, E. V. Stocks (of Durham), Miss E. H. Taylor (of Suffolk), John. J. Thompson, Miss S. M. Unwin, C. R. Wilkins, Miss Wilson (of London), Edward S. Wilson (of Hull), C. B. Winchester, W. N. Woods, BA (of London)

2. Sub-editors

The sub-editing of the material falls into two periods, viz. that done under the direction of Dr Furnivall between 1862 and 1879, and that carried on during the years while the Dictionary was in course of publication. The following list gives the sub-editors of the later period, but it should be noted that some of these (e.g. H. H. Gibbs, W. M. Rossetti, Revd T. H. Sheppard, Revd J. Smallpeice) were also at work during the earlier years. For the earlier period mention should further be made of Revd W. P. Bailey, Revd S. J. Bowles, Edward Dowen, W. Gee, jun. (of Boston, USA), W. F. Grahame, J. D. Howell, Revd Aitken Irvine, E. S. Jackson, Revd E. H. Knowles, Revd J. E. Middleton, Richard Morris, Horace Moule, Revd A. S. Palmer, Revd Ralph Proud, C. W. Staunton, Dr W. Woodham Webb, Revd G. Wheelwright, G. A. White, Miss Charlotte M. Yonge. Most of these were also readers in the early history of the Dictionary.

W. J Anderson, portions of M and P (1880-1900), Revd G. B. R. Bousfield, BA, portions of F, G, and R, large part of W (1880-96), Walter Browne, portion of S (1881), Samuel Taylor, portion of H (1881-2), A. W. Longden, portion of H (1881-4), A. Lyall, portion of T (1881-5), Revd. T. H. Sheppard, BD, portion of M, the whole of U and V (1881-5), P. W. Jacob, portions of D, E, P, Q, R, and S (1881-6), T. Henderson, MA, portions of B and C (1881-7), T. Wilson, portions of I and T (1881-7), E. C. Hulme, portions of C and L (1881-90), Mrs L. J. Walkey, portions of D and W (1881-92), Revd W. B. R. Wilson, MA, portions of C, revised former sub-editing of T, most of V, and part of W (1881-1919), Charles Gray, portion of S (1882), Revd C. Y. Potts, portion of L (1882), W. Welch, portion of T (1882), F. T. Elworthy, portion of D (1882-3), Revd J. J. Smith, MA, portion of M (1882-3), Miss M. Westmacott, portion of T (1882-3), James Britten, FLS, portion of P (1882-4), H. H. Gibbs (Lord Aldenham), portions of C, the whole of K and Q (1882-4), H. M. Fitz-Gibbon, portion of H (1882-5), Revd W. Gregor, MA, the whole of J (1882-5), E. Warner, portion of L (1882-5), G. A. Schrumpf, portion of H (1882-6), H. S. Tabor, portions of I and W (1882-9), G. L. Apperson, portions of B and C (1882-91), Revd A. P. Fayers, BA, portions of B and N (1882-91), Mrs G. H. Pope, portions of C and N (1882-91), Revd J. Smallpeice, MA, portion of M, and X, Y, Z (1882-94), A. Sweeting, portion of T (1882-96), Revd W. H. Beckett, portion of W (1882-1901), Miss J. E. A. Brown, portions of B, C, D, and P, the whole of I (1882-1907), J. W. W. Tyndale, portion of D (1883-4), R. F. Green, portion of N (1883-8), A. Hailstone, portions of C and N (1883-90), Revd W. J. Löwenberg, MA, portions of O and P (1883-96), E. L. Brandreth, portions of G, H, and N, the whole of K (1883-1900), (Prof.) F. E. Bumby, portion of N (1884), W. M. Rossetti, portions of B and L (1884), Revd Prof. W. W. Skeat, portion of R (1884), Revd W. E. Smith, portion of D (1884), Dr Brackebusch, portions of B (1884-5), E. Gunthorpe, portions of A and B (1884-5), The Hon. and Revd S. W. Lawley, MA, portion of M (1884-5), Dr R. J. Lloyd, portion of H (1884-93), Revd C. B. Mount, MA, portions of A, B, C, D, and V, revised former sub-editing of J and the large part of P (1884-1908), Joseph Brown, MA, portion of M, revised former sub-editing of portions of S and U (1884-1914), Revd C. G. Duffield, portion of T (1885), Revd T. D. Morris, MA, portion of G (1885), Revd (Dr) E. H. Sugden, portion of I (1885-7), J. Peto, portions of C, F, and H (1885-92), Mr and Mrs W. Noel Woods, BA, portions of B, C, and H (1885-92), Miss M. Haig (Mrs A Stuart), portion of O (1885-93), R. M. M’Lintock, portion of P (1885-96), James Bartlett, BA, revised former sub-editing of G and portions of M, O, R, and S (1888-1908), Revd Canon R. Morris, DD, portion of I (1889-92), John Dormer, portions of D and S (1890-1906), Miss Edith Thompson, portion of C (1891), H. A. Nesbitt, BA, portions of N and O (1893-5), C. B. Winchester, revised former sub-editing of P, S, and V (1905-8), Mrs W. A. Craigie (Lady Craigie), revised arrangement of U (1917-18)

3. Assistants

The names of these are here divided into three groups, indicative of the relative length of time during which they were engaged on the work. As will be seen from the dates given, those included in the first group were for many years members of their respective staffs, and by their knowledge and experience contributed immensely to the progress of the work. The staff to which each was attached is indicated by the initial letter of the editor’s name (M. = Murray; etc.).

Walter Worrall, BA (1885-1933; M., B., O.), A. T. Maling, MA (1886-1927; M., O.), C. G. Balk (1885-1913; M.), G. F. H. Sykes, BA (1885-1903; M., B.), W. J. Lewis (1889-1933; B., O.), F. J. Sweatman, MA (1890-1933; M., O.), H. J. Bayliss (1891-1932; B., C.), C. T. Onions, MA, D.Litt. (1895-1914; M., B.; 1914-Editor), L. F. Powell, MA, (1901-21; C.), J. W. Birt (1906-33; O.), George Watson, Hon. MA (1907-27; C.), Miss E. R. Steane (Mrs L. F. Powell) (1901-32; C., O.), Miss Rosfrith N. R. Murray (1902-29; M., C., O.), Miss Elsie M. R. Murray (Mrs R. A. Barling) (1899-1920; M, O.), Miss E. S. Bradley (1897-1932; B., O.).

G. R. Carline (B.), P. T. J. Dadley (O.), James Dallas (B., O.), Alfred Erlebach, BA (M.), (Dr) G. F. S. Friedrichsen (M.), R. Girvan, MA (C.), Dr A. B. Gough (M.), Miss I. B. Hutchen (C.), (Revd) A. H. Mann, MA (M.), (Dr) Hereward T. Price (M.), J. M. Ramsay, MA (C.), F. R. Ray (C.), (Revd) H. E. G. Rope, MA (M., C.), H. F. P. Ruthven (M.), A. R. Sewell (M., B.), J. H. Smithwhite, BA (C.), (Dr) E. J. Thomas (C.), Charlton Walker, BA (B.), F. A. Yockney (M., O.).

Revd Dr P. H. Aitken (M.), F. S. Arnold, MA (B.), T. Z. D. Babington, BA (M.), Dr E. Brenner (M.), W. J. Bryan (M.), (Prof) F. E. Bumby (M.), C. G. Crump, BA (M.), W. J. Fortune (O.), G. G. R. Greene, MA (M.), E. Gunthorpe (B.), Miss M. D. Harris (M.), S. J. Herrtage (M.), Revd J. B. Johnston, BD (M.), W. Landells (M.), Revd R. H. Lord, MA (M.), E. N. Martin (C., O.), G. F. Maxwell (C.), Revd George H. Morrison, DD (M.), Miss Hilda Murray, MA (M.), George Parker (M.), P. J. Philip (M.), M. L. Rouse (M.), Miss Scott (M.), H. R. Simpson (O.), K. Sisam, B.Litt., MA (B.), Miss Skipper (M.), E. E. Speight, BA (M.), S. A. Strong, MA (B.), (Prof.) J. R. R. Tolkien (B.), Miss A. M. Turner (B.)

4. Proof readers

The following lists give the names of those who, outside of the regular staffs, rendered valuable help by regularly reading the proofs and making suggestions and additions. Those in the first list continued this important service for many years, in some cases from the beginning, and in all cases down to the year of their death or to the completion of the work.

Dr Fitzedward Hall († 1901), H. Hucks Gibbs (Lord Aldenham) († 1907), Revd J. B. Johnston, BD, Revd J. T. Fowler, DCL († 1924), Miss Edith Thompson († 1929) and Miss E. Perronet Thompson, R. J. Whitwell, B.Litt. († 1928), Dr W. Sykes († 1906), F. J. Amours († 1906), A. Caland († 1910)

Prof. F. E. Bumby, G. R. Carline, Dr G. F. S. Friedrichsen, H. Chichester Hart, W. W. Jenkinson, Dr G. Ch. van Langenhove, Revd J. A. Milne, Russell Martineau, MA, Revd C. B. Mount, L. Pearsall Smith, MA, H. F. Rutter, Prof. W. W. Skeat, W. H. Stevenson, MA, Revd W. B. R. Wilson, MA

5. Other helpers

It would require several pages to give even a partial list of those who contributed separate items of information, either of their own accord or in reply to queries addressed to them. Special mention, however, should be made of a few authorities who, especially in the earlier years of the work, freely gave the editors the benefit of their special knowledge in their respective fields, e.g. Prof. Paul Meyer in Romanic Philology, Prof. E. Sievers in Germanic, Profs. W. W. Skeat and A. Napier in English, Prof. Sir John Rhys in Celtic, Sir Frederick Pollock in Law, and Prof. F. W. Maitland in History. For many years Mr James Platt supplied most of the material for the etymology of words from remote languages, with the dictionaries of which he had an unrivalled acquaintance.

Valuable service was also rendered by a succession of voluntary workers who verified doubtful quotations or references, and searched for special information, at the British Museum; prominent among these were Mr E. L. Brandreth, down to his death in 1907, his immediate successor in the field, Mr W. W. Jenkinson, and Mr R. J. Whitwell, who also did verification and research in the Public Record Office and for many years contributed much material of special value.

While similar verification and research in the Bodleian Library was done by several of the regular members of the Dictionary staffs, their work was greatly aided by the generous co-operation of the Librarian and staff of that institution, on which the constant demand for the requisite books has imposed a heavy burden for many years. The share of ‘Bodley’ in furthering the progress, and increasing the value, of the Dictionary is one that deserves to be gratefully remembered, and adds one more reason to those which have been given the name of ‘Oxford’ to a work that can no longer be described as ‘New’.