Newsletter archive

News of research and developments on the Oxford English Dictionary was formerly available in periodic printed newsletters. These brought together articles by editors and others on their work for the Dictionary, appeals for help with finding evidence of words currently being revised or drafted, and reports of the editors’ recent findings about the language in all its entertaining variety.

We reproduce a small selection of those articles here.

Balderdash! And Piffle!

Harmless drudgery: getting started at the OED

Tracking down ‘tofu’: library research in the US

Reading for the OED

OED Online for A level

Lex in the City: reflections on a year in the North American Editorial Unit

J.R.R. Tolkien and the OED

Varieties of English: World English and the OED

The OED and its cousins

‘Ware man-traps: rethinking an OED entry