Webinar: Semantic transfer and the OED

Webinar: Semantic transfer and the OED

Semantic transfer and the OED: investigating metonymization

Thu, 26/05/2022 · 4:00 PM London (GMT 1:00) 

Lauren Simon, holder of an MSt in Linguistics, Philology, and Phonetics, will describe the methodology and labelling process used in her investigation of semantic change through metonymization, and discuss some of her findings. Read Lauren’s blog on semantic transfer here.

Who is this for?

  • Researchers investigating semantic change
  • Linguists interested in how and why new sense develop


  • The unique contours and quirks of OED raw data and how to handle data cleaning
  • The sample selection and data tagging processes: how does one determine which tags to use and how to apply them, particularly in borderline cases?
  • Conclusions and interesting directions for future research – potentially interesting new research questions that can be tackled with working knowledge of how to use OED data as a rich resource.
  • Q&A time: bring your questions for the panellists

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