Webinar: The Oxford English Dictionary for Chinese users

Webinar: The Oxford English Dictionary for Chinese users

Please note that this webinar has now happened – the recording will be available soon, and all registrants will be notified.

The OED is a powerful online linguistic resource, providing features, tools, and language data which are essential for academic research and teaching. However, the extent of the OED capabilities is not always explored to its full potential.

The Oxford University Press team – Dr Danica Salazar, World English Editor, and Ms Chen Zhou, Regional Customer Trainer, presented a live interactive online session where they provided an overview of all the OED can offer:

  • More than a dictionary: an overview of the OED functionality and content, including the available resources related to recent language developments, and the coverage of words of Chinese origin
  • Available support: the training and resources available to users
  • Q&A time

Our guest speaker, Dr Zhong Ai, Lecturer in English at Shanghai Maritime University, presented her perspectives of how the OED can be used in academic research, with a particular focus on the language contact between English and Chinese, and Chinese loanwords in English.

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