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Youth words

We want to hear about the unique words and expressions that children and young people use.

Spoiler alert! New words notes for June 2018

The June 2018 update of the OED adds more than 900 new words and senses, including the selection of items described in greater detail below. The full list of entries can be…

Meet the Editors: Katherine Connor Martin

Meet Katherine Connor Martin, former Head of US Dictionaries (now Head of Product for Oxford Languages), and part of the team tasked with ensuring that the Oxford English Dictionary keeps up…

Words as old as the OED

When the first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary was finally completed in 1928, the world of 1857, when work on the dictionary began, must have seemed impossibly distant. Radio,…

Release notes: parenting words

The last ten years have been particularly fruitful ones for the Oxford English Dictionary. Over that time, staff have celebrated the birth of twenty-five babies, and a lexicographer bringing a…

New words notes June 2017

The latest update of the Oxford English Dictionary includes over 1,200 new words, phrases, and senses from the newly revised alphabetic ranges and from around the alphabet. Some highlights of…

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