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Words from the 1970s

The decade that time forgot? Can any of the new vocabulary of the 1970s help to pinpoint the sources of disenchantment?

Words from the 1960s

If youth had flexed its muscles in the 1950s, in the 1960s it ruled the roost. Out on the streets, in the clubs and on the campuses, it was young…

Nick Sharratt’s favourite word

Illustrator and author Nick Sharratt is known worldwide for his much-loved work creating and illustrating books for children (and their parents!). Having loved drawing for as long as he can…

Words from the 1950s

Guest blogger John Ayto on the language of the 1950s – the decade the culture of youth came of age:

Words from the 1940s

It was a decade of war and peace: the first half monopolized by worldwide conflict, the second tentatively reaching out towards ways of avoiding a repetition of the first. Together…

Professor Jim Al-Khalili’s five favourite words

Theoretical physicist Professor Jim Al-Khalili is known worldwide for his work on nuclear reaction theory as well as his broadcasting and publication credits, which include the BBC Radio Four programme…

Words from the 1930s

The history of cool as a general term of approval is a patchy affair. It emerged in African American English by the early 1930s, perhaps as a development of an…

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