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Youth words

We want to hear about the unique words and expressions that children and young people use.

Free Schools Access to the OED

To celebrate the OED turning 90, we are pleased to offer free access to the OED for any UK state schools and US and Canadian public K-12 schools who are not current…

An Oxford lexicographer of the 1940s: Hereward Price

As the previous article in this series explained, Oxford University Press called a temporary halt to its activities in English-language lexicography in Oxford during the 1930s, although there continued to…

A brief history of singular ‘they’

Singular they has become the pronoun of choice to replace he and she in cases where the gender of the antecedent – the word the pronoun refers to – is…

James Gleick on being cited in the OED

I can’t remember when I discovered that I am credited (if that is the right word) as a source for several words in the Oxford English Dictionary. I remember how…

Meet the Editors: Danica Salazar

Introducing Danica Salazar, World English Editor for the Oxford English Dictionary. In this video – part of our Meet the Editors series for the OED‘s 90th anniversary celebrations – Danica…

Words Where You Are: an update

To mark the start of the Oxford English Dictionary’s 90th birthday celebrations we launched the first of a series of public appeals designed to help us expand and update the…

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