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Bleaney, Betty Isabelle & Bleaney, Brebis         Electricity and magnetism 1957 ‘Bleeck, Oliver’ (Ross Thomas)         The Procane chronicle 1971 (UK ed. 1972 with…


Broad, Charlie Dunbar         The mind and its place in nature 1925         Perception, physics, and reality 1914         Scientific thought…


C., A.         See Copley, Anthony C., B.         Puritanisme the mother, sinne the daughter 1633 C., G.         A briefe…


Chadwick, Hector Munro         The origin of the English nation 1907 Chadwick, Henry         The art of pitching and fielding 1886 Chadwick, Leigh E….


Clifford, Lucy         Aunt Anne 1892 Clifford, Martin         Notes upon Mr. Dryden’s poems 1687         A treatise of humane reason…


Cotes, Digby 1725         See Dupin, L. E. Cotgrave, John         The English treasury of wit and language 1655         Wits…


Dial, The (Chicago) 1880–1929 Dialect notes. Published by the American Dialect Society 1890– Dialogue betwixt Tom and Dick, A (by T. Jordan) 1660         A dialogue betwixt…


E., B.         A new dictionary of the terms ancient and modern of the canting crew a 1700 E., O. 1600         See Sutcliffe,…


F., A.         See Fleming, Abraham F., E.         The history of the life, reign, and death of Edward II 1627 (1680) F., E….


Focal dictionary of photographic technologies, The See Spencer, Douglas Arthur Focal encyclopedia of film and television techniques 1969 Focal encyclopedia of photography, The 1956 —(rev. Desk ed.) 1969 Focus 1945–…

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