OED Historical Thesaurus 15-min virtual tour

OED Historical Thesaurus 15-min virtual tour

The Historical Thesaurus of the works as a taxonomic index of language history and, unlike a typical thesaurus, it is not just for looking up synonyms – instead, it can be used to explore the different words used for a particular meaning over time.

Kate Wild, OED Editor, and James McCracken, Language Engineer Manager, will take us on a 15-min virtual tour of the OED Historical Thesaurus, covering its functionality, examples of use in research, and potential future developments.

Thu 29th April, 16:00 GMT (UTC+0)

Q&A time after the tour:
We want to address your usage barriers and needs when using the Historical Thesaurus as much as possible, so we encourage you to bring your questions to the panellists or, better still, send them in advance to oed.uk@oup.com 

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