Meet the Editors: Catherine Sangster

Meet the Editors: Catherine Sangster

Meet Catherine Sangster, our Head of Pronunciations, whose job it is to ‘look after the bits of the dictionary that tell you how to pronounce the word you’re looking up’.

In this video, part of our Meet the Editors series for the OED’s 90th anniversary celebrations, Catherine shares a glimpse into her work researching and documenting the pronunciation of words to reflect, ‘as much as we can, what’s actually going on’. In addition to pinning down pronunciations, Catherine also gets involved in crowdsourcing new evidence for the OED, and tells us about setting up the Dictionary Corner at the annual Nine Worlds convention and the contributions she has collected from its attendees – everything from terms used in knitting to comics and coding.

Find out more about the OED’s pronunciation projects, including the latest pronunciation model added to the dictionary, Manx English.

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