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Release notes: tennis terms

When work began on the Philological Society’s proposed new English dictionary in the 1850s, the modern game of tennis did not exist. At that time, ‘tennis’ referred to what we…

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Reading Norman Mailer’s letters

Please note: this article discusses language that some readers may find offensive. Selected Letters of Norman Mailer (2014, edited by J. Michael Lennon) has recently been read as part of…

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Release notes: coming out

A brief history of coming out The OED’s June 2017 update sees the publication of another blockbuster entry, come, which follows similar recently updated entries like go (its close cousin),…

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OED Update

New words notes June 2017

The latest update of the Oxford English Dictionary includes over 1,200 new words, phrases, and senses from the newly revised alphabetic ranges and from around the alphabet. Some highlights of…

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