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New Filipino words list

Here you can find a list of the new Filipino words and senses added to the OED in the June 2015 update. advanced adj. bahala na int. balikbayan n. baon n. barangay n. barkada…

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Release notes: the story of go

Often some of the shortest words in English can carry the most weight, and these are the ones most likely to cause headaches for lexicographers. The OED’s original editor James…

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Release notes: adore the fedora

What links an item of men’s headwear and a glamorous fin-de-siècle French actress? Most sources agree that the fedora, the familiar soft felt hat with a curled brim and a creased…

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OED Update

New words notes June 2015

The online Oxford English Dictionary ( launched on 14 March 2000, and since the OED generally does not add neologisms until they have had some time to establish themselves, the…

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