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OED Update

New words notes June 2014

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) added over 1000 new words, phrases, and senses in this update. These include additions to revised ranges as well as new items from around the…

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WWI revised words list

Revised words ammo, n. anti-aircraft, adj. and n. Anzac, n. archducal, adj. archducate, n. archduchess, n. archduchy, n. archduke, n. archdukedom, n. Archibald, n. Archie, n. Archie, v. armistice, n….

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Chief Editor’s notes June 2014

The Oxford English Dictionary’s detailed documentation of the English language also serves as a record of social history. On the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War (1914-18),…

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