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OED Update

New words June 2011

Presenting information on the net Although the swathe of alphabet in OED Online from M to the end of R is already revised and updated, along with other chunks relating…

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Who thought small was beautiful?

What’s new since 1976? How do definitions keep up with technological change? Audience viewing figures Which are the hardest words to edit? Colour words: black – history and meaning The…

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The ‘gate’ suffix

In 1972 the United States was transfixed by the revelation that the burglary at the national headquarters of the Democratic Party was connected with Richard Nixon’s Republican government. The burglary…

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Tex-Mex terms in English

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Tex-Mex as ‘a Texan style of cooking using Mexican ingredients and characterized by the adaptation of Mexican dishes, frequently with more moderate use of hot…

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Can-do: the all capable ‘-buster’

The suffix ‘-buster’ is now ubiquitous and has contributed to the formation of hundreds of new words, designating anything from crime-fighters, horse-tamers, and ghost-hunters, to weapons, bestsellers, and cleaning products….

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