Aspects of English

In addition to quarterly updates of revised entries and new words, the OED Online publishes regular commentaries on the language, written by the dictionary’s editors and specialist authors. We’ll be adding to these to create sets of features that are, we hope, informative, interesting, and entertaining.

English in use

  • how is English used, regionally and globally? How does today’s English reflect the modern world?

English in use »

English in time

  • follow the story of English from the Anglo-Saxons to the modern day, through expert overviews and snapshots of key moments in the history of English.

English in time »

Shapers of English

  • which are the movements, what are the events, and who are the people who have influenced the development of English?

Shapers of English »

Word stories

  • trace the shifting and expanding meanings of words from recent OED updates.

Word stories »

Video shorts: a series of videos now live examines how the OED is produced behind the scenes.