trench foot/mouth noun earlier than 1915/1917

trench foot/mouth noun earlier than 1915/1917

Hugo provided evidence of ‘trench mouth’ from 1916.

The appalling conditions of the trenches caused various painful medical conditions, including trench foot (swelling and pain in the feet caused by prolonged exposure to damp and cold) and trench mouth (severe inflammation of the mucous membrane of the mouth). The earliest quotations we have found for these terms are from 1915 and 1917 respectively:

The so-called cases of trench pain or trench feet usually have no tissue destruction, no blebs, and not even any discolouration of the skin.

1915 Lancet 30 Jan., p. 230/1

The ‘Trench Mouth’, a development of these conditions in warfare, was responsible for much suffering.

1917 Oral Hygiene 7 p. 881

Were these terms used earlier in the war, perhaps by the soldiers themselves?

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