superpipe noun earlier than 1998

superpipe noun earlier than 1998

In snowboarding or freestyle skiing a superpipe is a large halfpipe with high walls. Boarders or skiers perform tricks on alternate sides of the pipe as they travel down it. This sense of superpipe was recently added to the OED, with the following earliest evidence found:

Once they come out on top of the circuit, four additional levels are unlocked—Superpipe, I-70, Boarder-X, and Freeride.

1998 AM Newswire 29 Dec.

As the reference to ‘levels’ indicates, this quotation is about a snowboarding video game (‘X Games Pro Boarder’). But did the term really originate in the context of virtual, rather than physical, sport? It seems likely that earlier documentation for this sense of superpipe exists, perhaps in a non-mainstream snowboarding or skiing publication: can you help us find it?

Please note that we are only looking for earlier evidence for superpipe relating to snowboarding or skiing. There is already evidence in the OED from as early as 1907 for a more general sense of a pipe which is very strong, large, etc., so we don’t need to find pre-1998 evidence for this.

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