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disc jockey earlier than 1941

The term ‘disc jockey’ was first added to the OED in the 1971 Supplement. At the time, our first example came from the American entertainment trade magazine Variety […]

Posted by OED_Editor on 21 February 2013 13.06
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low rider earlier than 1968

A low-rider is a car that has been modified to allow its chassis to be lowered closer to the ground […]

Posted by OED_Editor on 15 February 2013 11.46
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ew earlier than 1978

The entry has now been updated with evidence from 1967.

The exclamation ‘ew’ has become an instantly recognizable expression of disgust. Used since the late […]

Posted by OED_Editor on 7 February 2013 15.37
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numpty earlier than 1988

Bryn provided a verifiable example from 1985.

Since the mid-1980s, ‘numpty’ has been used as a mild term of abuse in Britain. The earliest evidence […]

Posted by OED_Editor on 30 January 2013 14.34
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bookmobile earlier than 1924

Travelling branches of public libraries have existed since at least 1905, when Mary Titcomb, a Maryland librarian, used a horse-drawn wagon as a library on wheels. The coinage of the word bookmobile to refer to these mobile libraries, however, […]

Posted by OED_Editor on 23 January 2013 15.36
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to manage expectations earlier than 1972

When a business thinks that what its customers want is for some reason unrealistic or unachievable, it might decide that a prudent course of action is to ‘manage expectations’ […]

Posted by OED_Editor on 16 January 2013 14.25
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gangster earlier than 1886

Stephen Goranson has provided verifiable evidence from 1884: an antedating of two years.

A ‘gangster’ is somebody who is part of a criminal gang. Despite such gangs having been around for a very long time, this word for an individual member […]

Posted by OED_Editor on 7 January 2013 9.25
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party animal earlier than 1982

Hugooooo provided verifiable evidence from 1977.

When the ​OED ​added its entry for ​‘party animal’, meaning ‘an exuberant reveler’, in 2005, the earliest quotation we were able to include was from 1982, but we knew that the term could almost certainly […]

Posted by OED_Editor on 20 December 2012 20.22
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blues and twos earlier than 1985

Slightly earlier evidence from 1985 was supplied by ‘hugooooo’ and ‘hb1616’.

‘Blues and twos’ is a British slang term referring to the blue flashing lights and two-tone siren of a police car or other emergency vehicle which is […]

Posted by OED_Editor on 13 December 2012 15.42
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mochaccino earlier than 1971

‘Hugo’ provided verifiable evidence from 1963.

While researching the history of the word ​’mochaccino’​ ​for potential inclusion in the dictionary, ​OED ​editors were surprised that the earliest […]

Posted by OED_Editor on 7 December 2012 12.30
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