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well in

People have been described as being ‘well in’ (on good or close terms) with another person or group since 1781. But a more recent development, at least in British and Irish colloquial use, is being tracked by the OED, specifically […]

the Trade

In nautical slang, the Submarine Service used to be referred to as ‘the Trade’. The Royal Navy launched its first submarine in 1901, but undersea warfare was not well regarded in all […]


The ‘parmo’ is a food associated particularly with the area of Teesside, in north-east England. It consists of a fillet of breaded chicken, pork, or other meat that is fried and covered with béchamel sauce and […]

crap hat

‘Crap hat’ is a derogatory term for the standard (originally khaki, now dark blue) beret worn by regular soldiers in the British Army, in contrast to those worn in the special regiments (typically red or green). The term is also used by […]

Cheers! (‘thank you’)

With the Christmas season upon us, you may find yourself hearing and saying cheers! more often, whether as a toast before drinking with friends or perhaps in exchange for a gift […]

slider (Bristol regionalism)

National Poetry Day 2017 takes place on the 28th of September, and for the occasion the BBC, working with […]

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