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‘Bromance’ refers to an affectionate but non-sexual relationship between two men and OED editors are currently researching the term […]


The ‘parmo’ is a food associated particularly with the area of Teesside, in north-east England. It consists of a fillet of breaded chicken, pork, or other meat that is fried and covered with béchamel sauce and […]

add oil

‘Add oil’ is an expression that has gained a lot of currency in Hong Kong in the last few years. A literal translation of the Cantonese phrase ga yao, it [..]


‘Teleserye’ is the Philippine English word for a television soap opera, combining tele- from television with the Tagalog word for series, serye. The word was apparently first used in […]


#staywoke. In the last few years, the injunction to ‘stay woke’ in the face of racial discrimination or social injustice has ensured that […]