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In snowboarding or freestyle skiing a superpipe is a large halfpipe with high walls, with boarders or skiiers performing tricks on alternate sides of the pipe as they travel down it. This sense of […]

well in

People have been described as being ‘well in’ (on good or close terms) with another person or group since 1781. But a more recent development, at least in British and Irish colloquial use, is being tracked by the OED, specifically […]


‘Shroff’ is a word whose use in English can be traced back to colonial times. An Anglo-Indian corruption of the Persian borrowing saraf, it was used to refer to local bankers and money changers in former British territories in Asia such as India, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Today, the word has almost completely fallen out of use, except in Hong Kong English, where it has taken on the more modern sense of a cashier or […]


‘Kilig’ is a borrowing from Tagalog that has taken on a variety of meanings and uses in Philippine English. The word can be used as a noun to refer to the thrill caused by an exciting or romantic experience, or […]

Arnold Palmer

An ‘Arnold Palmer’ is a refreshing, summery drink made by mixing equal parts iced tea and lemonade and named for the American professional golfer Arnold Palmer. So far, the earliest evidence we have […]

slider (Bristol regionalism)

National Poetry Day 2017 takes place on the 28th of September, and for the occasion the BBC, working with […]