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UCT studies in English See Studies in English (University of Cape Town) Ubaldini’s (P.) Discourse concerninge the Spanish fleet invadinge Englande tr. 1590 Udall, Ephraim         Funeral sermon 1643 (1645)         The good peace and ill of warre; set forth in a sermon 1642         Noli […]


Vacation tourists See Galton, F. Vachell, Horace A.         Dew of the sea, and other stories 1927         The hill, a romance of friendship 1905         John Charity. A romance of yesterday 1900         Virgin 1929 Vacher, Francis         On […]


W., B. 1657         See Wells, Benjamin W., E. 1621         See Cooke, Alexander W., E.         The life of Donna Rosina tr. ? 1700 W., G. 1606         See Woodcocke, G. W., Is.         The copy of a letter, […]


Wedderburn, David         Institutiones grammaticæ 1633         Vocabula cum aliis Latinae linguae subsidiis a 1646 (1673) Wedderburne (David) See Compt buik Wedge, Thomas         General view of the agriculture of the County Palatine of Chester 1794 Wedgwood, Cicely Veronica         The trial of […]


Wilmot, Catherine         An Irish peer on the continent (1801–1803): being a narrative of the tour of Stephen, 2nd Earl        Mount Cashell, through France, Italy, etc., as related by Catherine Wilmot ed. T. U. Sadleir 1920 Wilmot, Martha         More letters from Martha Wilmot: impressions of Vienna, […]


‘X, Malcolm’         See ‘Malcolm, X’ Xanthakis, John N.         ed. Solar physics 1967


Y., R.         See Younge, Richard Yachting (US) 1907– Yachting monthly 1906– Yadin, Yigael         Hazor 1972 Yalden, Thomas         Poems a 1736 (1790, 1810) Yale. Studies from the Yale psychological laboratory ed. E. W. Scripture 1893– Yale alumni magazine 1937– Yale literary magazine 1836– Yankee: […]


‘Zack’ (Gwendoline Keats)         On trial 1899         Tales of Dunstable weir 1901         The white cottage 1901 Zandvoort, Reinard Willem         A handbook of English grammar 1957 ——et al.         Wartime English: materials for a linguistic history of World […]