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L., A.         Calvin’s Sermons upon the songe that Ezechias made after he had bene sicke tr. 1560 (1574) L., I. 1632         See E., T. L., S.         Relation of two several voyages made into the East-Indies, by Chr. Fryke and Chr. Schewitzer tr. 1700 […]


Map or Mapes, Walter         The Latin poems commonly attributed to Walter Mapes (c 1200). Appendix (containing translations and imitations) v.d. (Camden Soc. 1841) Maplet, John         A greene forest or a naturall historie, wherein may be seene..the most sufferaigne vertues in all..stones and mettals,..plantes, herbes..brute beastes etc. 1567 […]


Mead or Mede, Joseph         Works a 1638 (1672)         Daniel’s weekes; an interpretation of part of the prophecy of Daniel 1643         Diatribæ: discourses on divers texts of scripture 1642 Mead, Margaret         Growing up in New Guinea: a comparative study of […]


M., A.         Gabelhouer’s (O.) Boock of physicke tr. 1599         Guillemeau’s (J.) Frenche chirurgerye or all the manualle operations of chirurgerye tr. 1597 M., A. See also Munday, A. M., G. 1618         See Mynshul, G. M., H., gent.         The colloquies […]


Monboddo, James Burnett, Lord         Of the origin and progress of language 1773–92 Moncrieff, Robert Wighton         The chemical senses 1944 Moncrieff, William T.         Tom and Jerry, or life in London 1821 (1828) Money, Charles L.         Knocking about in New Zealand […]


N., C.         A poem on the happy union between England and Scotland 1707 N. D. (‘Doleman, N.’)         Three conversions of England 1603–04         See Parsons, R. N., M.         See Needham, M. N., N.         Du Boscq’s (J.) […]


O., N.         Boileau’s Le Lutrin tr. 1682 O.H.S., = Oxford Historical Society Oakeley, Frederick         Historical notes on the tractarian movement 1865 ‘Oakleigh, Thomas’ (James Wilson)         The Oakleigh shooting code 1836 Oakley, Kenneth Page         Frameworks for dating fossil man 1964 […]


P., J. See La Framboisière, N. A. de; Phillips, John P., T.         The English and French cook. By T. P., J. P., R. C., N. B., and several other approved cooks of London and Westminster 1674 P., W.         Curio’s (C. A.) Pasquine in a traunce tr. 1566 […]


Pei, Mario Andrew         Glossary of linguistic terminology 1966         The story of language 1949 (UK 1952)         Words in sheep’s clothing 1969 (UK 1970) —— & Gaynor, Frank         A dictionary of linguistics 1954 Peirce, Charles Santiago Sanders         […]


Pomet’s (J.) Compleat history of drugs tr. 1712 See also Hill, John Pomey’s (F. A.) Pantheon (tr. by A. Tooke) 1698 Pomfret, Henrietta L. Fermor, Countess of         See Hertford, Countess of Pomfret, John         Poems upon several occasions a 1702 (1790)         Poetical works a […]