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G., E. 1604         See Grimstone, E. G., F. ‘Scudery’s (G. de)’ Artamenes, or the grand Cyrus, an excellent new romance tr. 1653–55 G., G.         See Goodman, G. G., H.         Cataneo’s (G.) Most briefe tables to know redily how many ranckes of footemen go […]


Gombrich, Ernst Hans Josef         Art and illusion 1960         The story of art 1950 Gomme, Alice Bertha         The traditional games of England, Scotland, and Ireland 1894–98 Gomme, Sir (George) Laurence         Primitive folk-moots 1880 Gonsalvius Montanus’ (R.) Discovery and plain declaration […]


Hart, Basil Henry Liddell         Europe in arms 1937 Hart, Frances Noyes         The Bellamy trial 1927 [play], 1928 [novel] Hart, Fred H.         The Sazerac lying club: a Nevada book 1878 Hart, Henry         A godly newe short treatyse instructyng every parson […]


H. A. 1633         See A., H. H., A.         See Asshurst, Sir H. H. D. 1661         See Collinges, John H. G.         See G., H. H., G. 1611 See Anti-Coton H., G.         Leti’s (G.) Il cardinalismo di […]


Hibbert, Henry         Syntagma theologicum: or, a treatise wherein is concisely comprehended the body of divinity; whereunto are added certaine divine discourses 1662 Hibbert(-Ware), Samuel         A description of the Shetland Islands 1822 Hibbert journal, The; a quarterly review of religion, theology, and philosophy 1902– Hichcock, Robert     […]


Horæ subsecivæ 1777 (MS. Devonshire glossary) Horbery, Matthew         Works a1773 (1828) Hore, J. P.         The history of Newmarket, and the annals of the turf 1885–86 Hore beate marie virginis 1510 (1531) Horizon: a review of literature and art 1940–50 Horlock, Knightley W. (‘Scrutator’)         […]


I., H.         Bullinger’s (H.) Fiftie godlie..sermons divided into five decades tr. 1577 (1592) I., R. 1601         See Johnson, Robert I., T.         A cure for the tongue-evill 1662 I., Z.         Lavardin’s (J. de) Historie of George Castriot, surnamed Scanderbeg, king […]


J. C. 1708         See C., J. J. D. 1613         See Dennys, J. J. S. 1758         See Sparrow, J. J., St. N.         The widow’s mite 1695 J., W.         Bruyn’s (C. de) Voyage to the Levant tr. […]


K., E.         Epistle dedicatory and glosses to Spenser’s Shepheardes calender 1579 K., F. 1673         See Kirkman, F. K., G.         An essay for the discovery of some new geometrical problems c 1680 (1697) K., I. 1598         See Kepers, J. K., […]


Libeaus Desconus c 1350 (in Ritson, Metrical romances II. 1802; Kaluza 1890) Libel of English policy c 1436 (in Political poems II, Rolls series 1861) Liber albus, Liber custumarum, et Liber Horn, in archivis Gildhallæ asservati 14.. (Rolls series 1859–62) Liber Cure Cocorum c 1420 (Philol. Soc. 1862) Liber niger domus regis Edward IV a […]