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in your dreams! earlier than 1986

Agent Six has provided a verifiable example from 1976.

The sarcastic interjection ‘in your (or my, her, his, etc.) dreams’ is familiar in everyday spoken English, but the earliest evidence our editors have found comes from a Usenet post in 1986. We suspect that it may have been used earlier […]

Posted by OED_Editor on 26 September 2012 20.01
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Kwanzaa earlier than 1971

OED contributor Fred Shapiro has supplied an example from 1970.

The winter festival of Kwanzaa was initiated in 1966 by Maulana Karenga, an African-American activist and scholar, but the earliest example in the OED is from […]

Posted by OED_Editor on 25 September 2012 8.36
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